Welcome to Friends of Waikumete

This group was established in 1995, with the aim of promoting the unique historical and horticultural features of Waikumete Cemetery, West Auckland.

Waikumete Cemetery is the largest cemetery in New Zealand – occupying a site of 108 hectares in Glen Eden, Auckland.  The cemetery was established in 1886 and is the final resting place for over 70,000 people.


The Friends of Waikumete organise guided walks throughout the cemetery, pointing out the historical graves and those of the famous and infamous.  It is a popular event that is held regularly and everyone is welcome.

More details can be found on our website under Events or you can check out the Friends of Waikumete facebook page for regular updates!


The Friends of Waikumete committee hold regular monthly meetings, with a focus on maintaining the integrity of the historic area of Waikumete Cemetery.  We are a community group that holds an Annual General Meeting once a year and everyone is welcome to attend.


As a group the Friends are heavily involved in maintaining the integrity of the historic area of Waikumete Cemetery. We hold regular meetings, take the public on walks in the cemetery and undertake grave and headstone restoration and cleaning in the historic area. Working with Council and Cemetery Management, we are able to be the voice of the community and have input regarding decisions pertaining to the cemetery and it’s use. Our aim is to enhance the cemetery as a park enabling it to be well used and enjoyed by the community.

We would like to see Waikumete Cemetery appreciated as a park of tranquility and a space of reflection.

“Our Mission Statement”

To enhance the image of Waikumete Cemetery as not only a resting place for the people of greater Auckland but also as a memorial park offering peace and beauty to all who visit.

To uphold the values of the historic and heritage aspects of Waikumete Cemetery.

To support policies and plans enhancing the preservation and appreciation of the historical, ecological and all aspects of Waikumete Cemetery.   Work together with the community and all stake holders, to achieve the above.

2014-12-13 Ecowise Awards Finalist
Friends of Waikumete received the Totara Award from Keep Waitakere Beautiful