The Friends

“I see the cemetery as more than a graveyard. Rather a place that respects the dead and welcomes the living”

– Barry Shaw, 1998 former Friend of Waikumete, Honorary Life Member, Journalist, Henderson Community Board member, Researcher, Promoter and a leader of many Cemetery Walks. Died 22 August 2011, aged 82 years 


On September 24th 2016 Friends, family and community supporters gathered around to unveil the new James Cross Headstone. Tastefully designed to fit in with the heritage area, the cemetery, committee and community worked hard together to fundraise for this restoration.  UPDATE : shortly after this restoration and unveiling ceremony the James Cross Headstone was destroyed by vandalism. The committee and all involved are extremely disappointed and will work towards a resolution.
2016 Feb Barbara Gary
The Friends cleaning historic graves – pictured are committee members Lady Barbara Harvey and Gary Marshall (President)
Feb 2016
Top Photo : (L-R) Sue Reid, Michelle Ashby, Lady Barbara Harvey, Lynette Beasley, Kathleen Kingswood, Gary Marshall, Noeline Erceg, Leanne Appleby, Geri Eccles, Colin Bradshaw, Gayle Marshall, Elaine Talbot.  Photo on left : (L – R) Geri, Lynette, Sue, Colin, Cath, Michelle.  Photo on right : (L – R) Roscoe Webb (Cemetery Manager – 2016), Gayle Marshell (FOW), Sheree Stout (Head Sexton), Lady Barbara Harvey (FOW), Sandra Coney (Waitakere Ranges Local Board Chair)
June 2014
The restoration of the falling Wallis angel in Presbyterian D Row 3, Plot 53 – it is made of white marble and weighs over three tonnes. Elizabeth Wallis and Dr James Wallis lived in Peel Street Grey Lynn. Elizabeth Wallis (nee Pook) was born in 1824 in Edinburgh, Scotland. They married in 1868 and arrived Auckland in 1876.  She was an accomplished writer of poetry.  Elizabeth died August 7 1904 aged 80 years. Her Epitaph reads: “One of the best and noblest of Christian Women. The friend of man and beast.” Dr James Wallis was born in Aberdeenshire in 1825, he graduated from university 1844, and qualified as a surgeon in 1863, he wanted to be a medical missionary. Two years later, he arrived in New Zealand via Africa and Australia. 1877-1881 was the time he represented Auckland City West and House of representatives. He allied with Sir George Grey. Dr Wallis built the church known as Newton Kirk. He did not enter the Presbyterian Church of NZ but stayed independent. This caused disention and some of the congregation broke away to form St David’s Church in Grey Lynn. Many citizens of the older generation were married by him.  He was a Greek Scholar.

March 2014

ANZAC 2013

2011 Chapel of Faith in the Oaks dedication ceremony
2011 Chapel of Faith in the Oaks Dedication Ceremony
125 years
The Friends celebrate 125 years since the first burial at Waikumete Cemetery
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